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BTR Marine Services LLC is a Dubai-based company with a distinguished track record spanning decades in the shipping industry. We leverage our regional experience and in-depth knowledge to provide clients with exceptional maritime services.

With the yeas of experience, BTR were able to acquire a reputable position in the local, Middle East and worldwide shipping markets, which enabled us to gain the confidence of our first class principals. We are working as Shipbrokers for All kind of Vessels for sale especially Tanker ships for Sale and Purchase ,second hand ships or new building at our close shipyards in the Far-east , for all types and sizes , and for Demolition as we have first class Ship cash buyers with worldwide delivery.

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Ships For Sale & Purchase

Ships play a vital role in the global economy. Shipping Industry helps is Almost ninety percent of the world business; moreover, it is among the primary medium of trading oil and raw material in every nook and corner of the world. We can say that ships are center point of the world economy without shipping industry bulk cargo of raw materials, import or export of economical food and manufactured goods couldn’t simply possible. Because Ships are precisely sophisticated, high value assets that’s why ships sale and purchase required extra expertise and protocols.
As Per statista total number of Vessels in the world are more than 53000.Tankers and General cargo ships are top ranked as the most common type of ship in the global ships fleet, accounting for about a third of the you know ships for sale and purchase is a billions dollar industry and we can’t go beyond International Maritime Organization (IMO) standard in ships sale and purchase process.
Ships sale and purchase is similar to sailing a ship as it can’t be managed by one person. Each need a cooperative effort, with crew activities and necessary tasks at key time. Here we mention clearly, AS we know Proceedings with regards to ship sale and purchase might be complex as there are many factors to be considered by the parties that’s the reason, we follow all the conventional procedure in ships for sale and purchase. We focused on the role of the assorted parties, the written agreement framework of ships sale and purchase, and each party individual rights and obligations.
At BTR Ship we always offer best services in ship sale and purchase and offer best prices to our clients regarding Tanker ships, cargo ships or any kind of vessel for sale and purchase. As one the Ship brokers BTR offer a wide range of new and used Tankers ships for sale. BTR offer many others vessels for sale, such as offshore ships container ships, passenger Cruise ships, RORO Ships, double hull tankers etc.
We are one of the largest Ship cash buyer networks in the world Have offices in Dubai, India Greece and Singapore. BTR ship being largest network of ship cash buyers have representatives in all the big ship recycling market especially Pakistan India Bangladesh and china.
Why we are different from other cash buyers because Btrship has largest network having offices and representative in all major recycling markets we don’t relay on others people and speculation every vessel is immediately sold as soon as purchased because we know basics of ship demolition market.
BTR Follow all the steps of the ship sale and purchase as international procedure and standards.
BTR also as ship management company providing all shipmanagement services inlcuding technical Management, crew Management and Risk Management with all facilities.

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