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Ship Management

We have an extensive range of solutions for all vessel segments to offer you the management services you want – when and where you need them. Our third-party ship management services include: technical management, crew management, risk management & systems, vessel accounting and procurement services. We also offer dry docking, new building supervision and inventory of hazardous materials. Our experiences and strengths in ship management is raised to a new level than the long tradition of operating a global fleet of commercial vessels. We strive to maintain and extend our tradition and reputation to give the highest-quality of professional services to the world of maritime industry.

Tehnical Ship Management

Our Full Technical Management Services include detailed operations and management of all vessel’s safety, efficiency and compliance all of which meets the owner’s expectations and needs. We work in line with the vessel’s design and the requirements of the insurers, flag states, classes, charterer’s, ISM Code all in accordance with the highest industry standards and services. Our Technical Management includes all details of monitoring the vessel’s conditions, all its performance and operations that enables it to operate a safe and efficient cargo handling along with cargo conditioning. Our planned and project maintenance revolves around the regular condition assessment, the dry docking, deck/engine maintenance, and the repair planning and supervision, budget control, certification and vetting and others this is so we can overlook and maintain the vessels throughout the years of operation. Ship Owners will have access to reports and data on how we have managed their vessels all of which meets their needs and expectations at any time all with high quality and transparency. Our Full Technical Management does not include any commercial services and / or any aspect of the commercial ship operations instructions.

Crew Management

We believe that well trained, well rewarded, contented crews and shore staff, are the core of which completes a well-managed vessel. Our Crew Management always strives to ensure the highest skills standards and competencies for both crews and shore staff. We maintain their constant development to produce outstanding performance. Our main objective is to provide the highest quality crews and shore-based personnel worldwide. All our Crew certification complies with STCW requirements. We have built a large pool of dedicated personnel with strong emphasis on efficiency, effectiveness, commitment and professionalism.

Commercial Ship Management

BTR Ship Management is perfectly equipped to handle the many challenges and responsibilities involved in Commercial Ship management. Our team will provide a full solution that is tailored to your needs, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere without worrying about the continuity of your day-to-day operations.In addition, our customized system will grant you unprecedented control over your business interests. What can BTR Marine Services LLC do for you? We handle Commercial Ship management for a growing number of ship owners. In our capacity as Commercial Managers, we: Determine marketing and sales strategies; Participate in various tenders; Prepare commercial offers; Negotiate contracts and terms; Prepare daily reports; Prepare all relevant invoices and financial reports; Serve as a 24/7 first point of contact for charterers.

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